Why Hire a Staffing Agency?

There are many significant reasons to hire a staffing agency. Employment is imperative to one’s life. If a person does not have income they can not be independent and take care of their basic life needs such as food, housing, etc. Employment recruiting companies are flooded with resumes everyday which is evidence of how many people are seeking to solidify  a job and/or career. In this current economy employers are being directly contacted by many individuals who they’re finding are not qualified for the jobs and careers they’re applying for. This situation results in a vast majority of employers losing time vetting through many applications and resumes which in turn causes them to lose money.

Staffing agencies fill in the gap for employers by saving them time and money. A staffing agency vet applicants and establish what a candidate’s appropriate skill set is before they even make it to an employer. Staffing Agencies work with an employer hiring manager to assure a solid candidate will be sent to them. This guarantees an employer will utilize their time wisely and lessen the risk of hiring the wrong candidate and having to go through another hiring and onboarding of new candidates.

 Please reach out to us at OSI Staffing if you have any quesitons or interest in hiring a Staffing agency. We would love to answer and questions you may have.