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Direct Hire

Unlock long-term success with our tailored candidates for your commitment.

Temp Services

Flexible talent solutions without breaking your long-term budget constraints.

Human Resources

Save time and cost. Our services ensure compliance and regulations

Payroll Services

Save time and money with streamlined onboarding, tax filing, coverage, and net billing.

Workers Compensation.

Eliminate the administrative and ensure that all claims are handled efficiently and effectively.

RISK Management & OSHA Compliance

Mitigate workplace risks and ensure OSHA compliance with OSI Staffing.

Why OSI?

We are a dedicated team of professionals with expertise in administrative direct-hire, temporary, temp-to-hire, and specialty staffing. Whether you are a client seeking to fill a position or an individual seeking employment, we are here to assist you. We are committed to providing our clients and applicants with individualized attention.

Unlocking opportunities for both employers and prospective employees..

Jose Vazquez
Founder & CEO

Forklift Driver

Efficient Warehouse Employees Ready for Your Demands

Our experienced forklift operators are ready to tackle your logistics needs with precision and efficiency. They excel in maneuvering heavy loads, optimizing warehouse operations, and ensuring safety. Whether its a short-term project or ongoing support, our forklift professionals are here to drive your success.

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Food Manufacture

Skilled Food Manufacturers at Your Service

Skilled Food Manufacturers at Your Service

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Expert Forklift Operators On-Demand

Expert Forklift Operators On-Demand

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Expert Forklift Operators On-Demand

Expert Forklift Operators On-Demand

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Next Generation Staffing Solutions


Sourcing the Best

We use up to date software’s and technologies to ensure we meet or beat your expectation on finding the perfect candidate.


Volume Hiring

No matter the number of candidates you’re looking for, we guarantee we can fill all job orders no matter the size.



We don’t work for you; we work with you. We see every client as a partnership. Our goal is simple, to take away the stress of hiring the right people, so you can focus on growing your business.

California Workers’ Compensation Coverage Inquiry

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